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I've not entered any competition images for over two years now, family and other work commitments have been taking priority these days! I decided last month to shoot something for competition, this is very different from shooting for a client mainly as you are shooting to your own style, ideas and creativeness rather than shooting for what your client requests.

The SWPP is one of the largest leading photographic societies in the UK and competition is tough, judging is strict as they are looking for impact, creativity and style, composition, image presentation, centre of interest, lighting, colour balance, technical excellence, photographic technique, story telling and subject matter.

Gold Award: goes forward to the annual judging and are deemed to be images of the highest standard and will be published in the monthly Professional Imagemaker magazine.

Highly commended: These images are above standard and are reviewed every three months with the potential to be upgraded to Gold.

I'm pleased to announce that in March's entry I scored Gold for the above Image, in shock was an understatement!! I truly have to thank my mentors past and present, Damian McGillicuddy and Gary Hill because without their knowledge and skill in both their photography and teaching I couldn't even have dreamed of achieving this standard of work, the key is watch, listen and work hard, take comments on board of where to improve and practice, practice, practice! I also have lots of great colleagues and friends within the business that support me, advise me and give me that push when I need it.

Feeling great and inspired....



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{Training Days.....} https://www.kate-wisephotography.com/blog/2014/9/-training-days Not blogged for a while so thought I may as well make a start this evening......


I was just looking through some files on my computer and organising and deleting some old one's when I came across this picture of Bam Nelson who is an amazing free runner. It was taken at Velocity Studios in Chorley owned by fellow photographers Nicola and Marc Huntingdon, on a training day with the very talented Gary Hill of GDH Photography.


As photographers, we feel regular training and updates is paramount no matter what style of photography you shoot  as this enables us to give our clients a professional standard of business with perfectly styled photos which are edited to professional standards......after all, it's not just a matter of clicking the shutter! Time, care and consideration are taken in to all aspects of the photoshoot, styling, posing, lighting, make up, location, post processing.


Gary is an excellent mentor and is best known for his lighting and posing skills, he teaches with a passion for the industry and you always leave the session with a sense of achievement..........if you are a photographer, no matter what level, amateur or professional you really must attend his training days when they become available.


It's also important to train with various mentors as every professional will have a different style, they will have a different way of lighting using different techniques and so on........eventually we will develop our own unique style by taking little bits of knowledge and skill from those various mentors........anyway, I will leave you with those thoughts for now!


Kate Gary Hill Training DayGary Hill Training Day{Free Runner Bam Nelson of the 'Street Monkeys'.....}

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{Family.........} https://www.kate-wisephotography.com/blog/2014/6/-family I was browsing my files the other day and came across theses family photos which I did last year.......


Here is my youngest Cousin and her three children Joshua my Godson, Mya and the latest addition Noah......who turned one earlier this year!! Wow, where did that year go?? I feel old having second cousins!


It's so important to capture those early days, children grow and change so quickly and before we know it they're not babies anymore....


Noah certainly kept me on my toes and Mya was a cheeky monkey and luckily for me Josh kept things running smoothly bless his little heart....gosh I love that boy, he's so grown up for his age and such a good boy.


Hanging on Mummy and Daddy's wall are beautiful art blocks of these pictures, a reminder of how precious our little families are.


I'll leave you with that thought for now....



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{Where it began.........} https://www.kate-wisephotography.com/blog/2014/5/-where-it-began  





Just been going through some old files from when I first began newborn photography....... it seems like many moons ago now!!


These images were from 2-3 years ago plus and these little bubbas are now growing up fast!!


I've attended several more newborn training days since I took these images and can see how much I've progressed over the years.......although my love of photography is still newborns, I'm tending to lean towards older children and some fine art photography at the minute, simply because my poor old knees and hips can't take kneeling down for 4-5 hours at a time, at least with older subjects I can sit down to shoot!!!!


Will be updating theses photos and other galleries over the next couple of days whilst I'm at home resting!



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Bronze Award https://www.kate-wisephotography.com/blog/2014/4/bronze-award This month sees me achieving another Bronze Award with The Guild Of Photographers. At present I only enter one image per month but I aim to enter more than one image in the coming months in order to learn from the feedback and push my photography beyond my comfort zone!!


I have to thank my little monkey Max for being such a good and patient model........well most of the time, although this modelling lark is hard work when you're a seven year old!! Cost me more in PS4 games as bribery but it's totally worth it when I see the end results......


Thank you Max Wise, and I love you to the moon and back.


Kate x.

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{Fun and games at the park.....} https://www.kate-wisephotography.com/blog/2014/3/-fun-and-games-at-the-park Weekends go so fast so I like to get as much family time in as possible before I go back to work on Monday's.....


It was a lovely day a week last Sunday so we took the boy to the park to run off some steam! He'd had a bad fall from the climbing frame a few weeks before and was still not feeling confident about going back on it..........so Max decided he was going to wear daddy out by playing chase and hide and seek whilst mummy just sat chilling on the wall watching on with camera in one hand and a latte in the other hand! I'm amazed at where he gets all his energy from..........and for those of you that know me well.....yes I am a bit of a coffee junkie!


Here are a few out- takes from the day.......enjoy.



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Training Day with Award Winning Newborn Photographer Karen Wiltshire @ Rivendell Studios Hants https://www.kate-wisephotography.com/blog/2014/3/training-day-with-award-winning-newborn-photographer-karen-wiltshire-rivendell-studios Training Day with Karen Wiltshire @ Rivendell StudiosTraining Day with Karen Wiltshire @ Rivendell Studios Training Day with Karen Wiltshire @ Rivendell StudiosTraining Day with Karen Wiltshire @ Rivendell Studios Last weekend saw me training with multi award winning newborn photographer Karen Wiltshire of KW Photography at Rivendell Studio, Hampshire run by husband and wife team Derek and Lysa Pether.


As a photographer I feel it is important to keep up with training and although I've trained with other newborn photographers previously, I was two years out of date and felt the need for more training to update and learn new skills.......it's always good to see varying styles of photography from other photographers to enable you to develop your own unique style, this is what stands you out from the rest! I follow many newborn photographers and love all their styles but have been following Karen for a while now, her style is plain and simple and that's what I like about her photography.


On arrival at the studio we were greeted by Derek and Lysa with a nice mug of coffee......Derek knows me so well!! There were six of us on the course and after introductions from each of us and a run down of our photography journey and what level we were at, Karen gave us a running order of the day. During the morning we had baby R who was a little poppet and slept pretty much most of the morning, which is what we like! Karen posed baby R in several poses throughout the morning, teaching us how to pose safely which is paramount when handling newborn babies and she went through the easiest way to transition from pose to pose to ensure the session ran as smoothly as possible whilst ensuring Baby R was comfortable and safe at all times. Karen taught us wrapping techniques and at the end of the morning session was able to answer all our questions.


After lunch we had two babies and were able to do some hands on posing under the careful supervision of both Karen and Derek........boy these babies didn't want to sleep!!! This was good for us because it brings in the reality that every newborn session is different and a challenge, some babies sleep, some don't, some will pose easily and some won't, it's all about recognising and reading signs from the baby....


Fantastic day with professional training, would highly recommend it.


Thank you to Karen, Derek and Lysa for having us, your hospitality was very much appreciated.


Kate x. 



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{ Quality time with the boy..........} https://www.kate-wisephotography.com/blog/2014/2/-quality-time-with-the-boy Over the past few weeks I decided to spend some quality time with my boy and take a few 'snap shots' of him!Now, for those people that know Max, he's not one for posing for me anymore........unless bribery is involved!!!!

I'm having to slow down on the photography side of things for a while due to some health issues, but I hope to be back up to full speed very soon.....so I thought now is the right time to build up my new website and get it up and running whilst having a little fun with the boy.

There's still lots of work to do on the site, but it's getting there slowly, so for now.........here is Max being quite the dude!.......Jeez! Male models are hard work!!!!!!

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New website is underway....... https://www.kate-wisephotography.com/blog/2014/2/new-website-is-underway Hello peeps.......


Time for me to do my very first blog, just to let you all know there are lots of new and exciting things coming your way in 2014!

Have re-branded myself and now have a new custom logo and have lots more training for me in the pipeline, not just newborns but more portraiture and fashion this year, but......most importantly, my new website is underway...

Watch this space as it will be going live very soon.



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